Skip Sprague – owner at TipTop Frame

Amanda is a wonderful graphic designer and artist, we carry many of her pieces in our Gallery and she is very popular with our customers. Amanda is a person of genuine character, a wonderful person and associate.

Steven Engelhart – Executive Director at Adirondack Architectural Heritage

Amanda has broad range of talents and skills that she can bring to bear on any situation. As an artist, she is imaginative, has a distinct style, and knows how to use the visual arts to communicate ideas, feelings, and stories. As a researcher and writer, she has the ability to dig deep into history and people and has a way of making what is old relevant today. These assets also serve her well as a graphic designer, where she can tell complex stories through text, graphics, objects, and photographs in very exciting ways. In her capacity as the director of the Alice T. Miner Museum, she has taken a traditional institution and infused it with new life and energy and as chair of the Adirondack Coast Cultural Alliance she has shown her considerable leadership qualities. Beyond all this, she is generous and fun.

Karen Bouvier – Writer, Editor, Educator

Amanda is an intelligent, artistic, hardworking, and caring individual.  I have known Amanda for three years, and worked with her on many projects at the Alice T. Miner Museum.  She is always wonderful to work with as well as funny, sensitive, and open-minded.  Her eye for detail, her way with people, her incredible talent, and her sense of civic duty all make her a unique and wonderful individual.  I recommend her without reservation.

Anne W. Ackerson – Guiding nonprofits toward organizational excellence by leading with purpose.

Amanda Palmer's tenure as Director/Curator at The Alice T. Miner Colonial Collection has been marked by her thoughtful and often innovative engagement with a varied (and storied) decorative arts collection.  Amassed by the wealthy and urbane Alice T. Miner, the collection was installed by Mrs. Miner in the rural hometown of her husband in northeastern New York State.  Amanda has had a creative hand in making this shrine to Colonial America a welcoming and interesting museum to visit.  Through an updated website, blog, and exhibits Amanda brings to life the humanity behind the objects.  She deftly works with the leadership of a strong board of trustees and has a keen sense of the organization's strengths and challenges.

John Krueger – Historian and Regional Advocate

For the last year I have worked closely with Amanda in her capacity as chairperson of the Adirondack Coast Cultural Alliance.  I have found her to be dependable, diplomatic, and detail oriented.  She has played the major role in bringing definition to ACCA and working toward achieving a consensus of aims and goals.

Robert Parks Retired - Publisher - Press Republican

Amanda Palmer was chosen unanimously by the Adirondack Coast Cultural Alliance to be our first chair.  As the leader of this new non-profit organization, she has provided strong leadership and direction.  She has done a tremendous job scheduling speakers for the monthly meetings, communicating with members and facilitating collaboration among the varied members of this organization.